How do I Write a Thank You Note?

Thank you notes are the proper way to say thank you after receiving a gift.
Always take the time to write thank you cards in ink by hand.
Thank you notes might be sent to attendees of a child's birthday party.
It's best to use stationary with a simple design for a thank you note.
Some thank you notes are accompanied by flowers or other small gifts.
Wedding thank you notes should be written within two months, since honeymoons often occur right after a wedding.
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Everyone knows it's proper to say thank you after receiving a gift or good deed, but many people don't realize that there's a proper way to thank people. When it comes to expressing gratitude and letting someone know you really appreciate the thoughtfulness, it's all in the delivery. It's best to send a brief, personal note as soon as possible.

Thank yous aren't difficult to write, and they don't take much time. By so doing, you let someone special know that you appreciated the time and care spent in doing something nice for you. This will only encourage them to think of you more in the future.



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Post 6

@honeybees -- I have noticed the same thing and it isn't just with kids. There are many adults who don't send thank you notes either, which may explain why fewer kids send them.

Most of the thank you notes I do receive are way past 30 days, but I still appreciate receiving a thank you. Sending a late thank you note is much better than not sending one at all.

Post 5
My mom always made sure we sat down and wrote out thank you notes in a timely matter. I did the same thing with my kids, even though this was not always an easy chore. Very few kids actually enjoy sitting down and writing out thank you notes, but I feel it is very important.

I don't think everybody does this like they used to. Of all the graduations and weddings we attended in the last year I think we only received thank you notes from half of them.

Sure it takes effort to write a thank you note card and address the envelope, but I think it is rude when a gift is not acknowledged. Has anyone else noticed this trend or is it just me?

Post 4

If I give someone a money gift I like knowing what they plan to spend the money on. For example, we received a graduation thank you note from a young man after giving him some money. In the note he thanked us for the gift and explained he was saving the money for a laptop for college. There is always something nice about receiving a thank you note, but when they personally tell you what they plan to do with the gift, it really makes you feel good.

Post 3

@memories -- I wouldn't say anything either, but it does bring up a good point. There are several reasons to send a thank you note to someone, especially if the gift was sent in the mail.

If you attend an event and give a gift, you know the person has received it. If you send a gift through the mail, you never know for sure the person received it unless they let you know.

I don't think a thank you note wording is as nearly important as just making sure you send one. A few words and few minutes of your time is all it takes to let someone know you received the gift and how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Post 2

Memories- I have had the same thing happen to me. I just chalk it up to inexperience. I personally would not mention it.

Some people offer their gratitude in a more informal manner. Sometimes it’s a phone call to thank you about the gift. Other times the person may invite you over for dinner.

They might not actually say the words “Thank you” but you know they are grateful by their actions toward you. I try to look on the bright side and give the person a chance. It might later develop into a lasting friendship.

Post 1

I have not received a thank you for a gift I gave for a child's confirmation, is it proper to let the person know that I didn't receive one?

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