How Many Types of Bacteria Live in the Belly Button?

Just as every area of the human body is home to different types of microbiota, the navel or belly button also serves as the collection site for a wide range of bacteria. In fact, more than 50 species of bacteria might live in a single belly button. Thanks to continuing innovations in microbiology, as yet unidentified strains of DNA also have been found, leading the way for the discovery of new forms of bacteria.

More facts about belly buttons:

  • Belly buttons come in what are popularly known as innies and outies. The determination of what type of navel forms is basically up to nature. After the umbilical cord is severed, how the scar tissue forms along with the slackness in the skin in and around the navel will affect the contours of the belly button.

  • Men are more likely to have navel lint than women. This is especially true for males who have a lot of body hair, are middle-aged and have an innie.

  • Unlike the nose or the armpit, the belly button does not secrete any type of protective fluid or oil. This makes it an ideal place for the collection of any type of bacteria with which the person might come into contact.

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