How Rainy Is It in London?

London gets about 23 inches (58.4 cm) of precipitation every year. This is less than the rainfall in Dallas, Texas, which gets 37.1 inches (94.2 cm) per year, or Rome, Italy, which gets 32.8 inches (83.4 cm) of rain annually. Within the United Kingdom, several other cities get more precipitation than London, including Liverpool, which gets almost 34 inches (86.6 cm) per year, and Sheffield, at almost 32.5 inches (82.55 cm) per year.

More about weather in England:

  • During the summer, London's average temperature is 75.2° Fahrenheit (24° Celsius). In the winter, temperatures typically range from 24.8° Fahrenheit (minusāˆ’4° Celsius) to 57.2° Fahrenheit (14° Celsius).

  • October is historically the wettest month in London, with an average of 2.42 inches (6.15 cm) of rain. The driest month is February, with an average of 1.34 inches (3.4 cm) of precipitation.

  • England's Lake District is the wettest area of the country. The area gets more than 78.7 inches (200 cm) of precipitation each year.

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