What are the Advantages of Private Schools?

Students receive the advantage of individual attention at private schools.
Libraries, classrooms, and athletic facilities at private schools are superior.
Children who attend private schools often have higher standardized test and college entrance exam scores.
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One of the advantages of private schools is that they have a small community atmosphere that allows for a lower student-to-teacher ratio. With smaller class sizes, teachers are able to focus more attention on individual students, and have more time to get to know students better. Classmates also get a chance to form more intimate bonds, when there are fewer students.

Another advantage is fewer disciplinary problems. When teachers and staff know students better, they are able to take appropriate measures applicable to particular students. This works far better than, for example, punishing the entire class, which holds no one accountable. The children that behave properly are not motivated to continue good behavior, if they are going to be punished for someone else's actions.

Private schools also have the option of expulsion, which is rare in public schools since public education is considered a "right" rather than a privilege. While this may not seem like one of the advantages of private schools, the possibility of expulsion might make some students less likely to fight, to take drugs, or to cut classes.

When parents pay for their children's education, they enjoy more of the advantages of private schools, because they have a say in how things are done. When children attend public school, parents who voice concerns frequently complain of being treated as "nuisances." In the private school setting, they are paying customers. The tuition factor enables other advantages, such as well-maintained campuses, and excellent books and learning materials.


Many parents who return their children to public school soon miss the private school advantages. They immediately learn that their children are well ahead of their classmates. They are frequently offered the opportunity to allow their child to skip a grade, because their children have already surpassed what the public school has to offer at their grade level — even in most honors classes — and the students quickly become bored.

Aside from the many other advantages of private schools, students who receive private schooling also have a lower drop out rate, experience fewer drug problems, and report less violence. They also tend to have higher scores on standardized tests and college entrance exams. One of the most important advantages is that, by percentage, more of their students go on to college.


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Post 9

Are there any cons of private schools? Do they make you snobby or cut off from the world?

Post 8

How do you guys feel about secular vs religious education? My wife and I would really like to send our two daughters to a private school (the public schools near us are really terrible) but the only private schools in our area are religiously affiliated. They will accept the children of people from outside their religious organization, but a religious education is part of the curriculum.

I am really torn about this. My wife and I are both non-believers, but not in a militant way. I wouldn't mind if they received some religious education but my wife is more adamant about keeping that part of the world out of their young minds. If we can't find a solution we might have to move.

Post 7

I went to private schools for my entire life and I know positively that I am smarter because of it.

That being said, I am not sure that I ended up happier, healthier, or better because of my attendance at private schools. Intelligence is important, but just one factor in being a well rounded person. Who knows what my character would be like if I had attended public schools, at least one?

Post 6

Well, we are not in the Philippines. This is America and the public schools here can be really harsh on the students. The students have a lot to deal with besides their education: bullying, drugs, violence, larger class sizes, self-image. I could go on but I will not. Look up the public school systems and you will see!

Jane Logronio
Post 3

please try to see the worth of the public school. you can't say that, because here in the philippines public students are smarter than those who attend private schools.

Post 2

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how do i go about getting a loan for my grandson who has austism and needs expensive schools and teaching ? thank WA

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