What Are the Benefits of Saliva for Acne?

Human saliva offers no benefits to acne sufferers.
Studies suggest dog saliva might help treat acne.
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The myth that using human saliva for acne is unfounded, and provides no real benefits to those suffering from breakouts. There have been some recent studies, however, suggesting that canine saliva may help speed healing of acne pimples. The exact reasoning for this isn't entirely understood, but the use of dog saliva for acne shows promising results for those with mild to severe acne.

Some people believe that using saliva for acne can be beneficial. In reality, there is no evidence that the use of one's own saliva in the treatment of pimples has any benefit at all. In some cases, it may even make acne worse, since saliva contains high levels of bacteria that can infect pores and cause further breakouts. It's also drying to the skin, so consistent use could lead to flaking or chapping, making skin more susceptible to bacteria.

While human saliva doesn't have any benefits, canine saliva might actually be beneficial in the treatment of acne. There have been studies to show that those who used it on their pimples experience faster healing times and fewer overall breakouts. This could be because dog saliva has antibacterial properties. Canines lick their wounds to speed healing and prevent infection, and folklore suggests that allowing a dog to lick one's cuts or scrapes could lead to faster healing. Based on recent studies, this notion may be at least partially based on fact.


Part of this theory states that since a dog's saliva is more acidic that a human's, it does not support the growth of many harmful bacteria. Therefore, the use of dog saliva for acne could prevent bacteria-related acne flare-ups. This acidic nature may also help dry up excessive oils on the face. Although more research is needed to determine exactly how and why dog saliva works, it has already provided an alternative cleansing option for some acne sufferers.

At least one company has implemented the use of dog saliva for acne cleansers, with a face care line that includes real dog saliva in its ingredients. Similar products may become available from other manufacturers in the future. Other ingredients, like skin soothers or other acne fighters, may also be combined to amplify the results.

Those who have severe acne should consult with a dermatologist. No two cases of acne are exactly the same, and each person's pimples may be caused by something slightly different. Determining the underlying factors, such as hormones or bacterial infection, can greatly increase the chances of permanently treating acne.


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Post 9

anon927373 is right. At first I hesitated to use my own saliva in the morning, But saliva is a protein molecule, so I tried and it worked. Morning saliva removed all my pimples, including pimple marks.

Post 8

It works, at least for me. My own saliva is the remedy. It is a tried and tested method, especially morning saliva. Before eating or drinking anything, apply it on the acne and it goes away.

Post 6

Saliva is actually extremely beneficial to the skin on wounds. I would assume some of that would cross over to healing acne. Our mouths and bodies are full of beneficial bacteria. Bacteria is essential for human life. There are about three to four pounds of bacteria in our bodies.

Post 4

I always had the best luck treating my acne with antibiotics. It didn't seem like special soaps or my diet ever made a difference.

I would have to think twice about using any kind of saliva, whether it was human saliva or canine saliva. It bothers me enough when I drool, I can't imagine what it would be like to purposely put saliva on my acne.

Post 3

I would think that human saliva would be one of the worst things you could put on your face. I have always heard our saliva contains all kinds of germs, and think it would actually make acne worse instead of helping it.

I know there are all kinds of acne remedies out there. One year when I was a kid at camp, someone told me to try putting toothpaste on my pimples. This did work a little bit because my pimples were not as noticeable in the morning.

I think it dried them up more than anything. I don't know about using dog saliva on my face though. I have never been much of a dog lover, and don't think I could quite handle the idea of smearing that all over my face.

Post 2

I am curious as to what the name of the company is that uses dog saliva in their acne cleansers. I wonder if people would be put off by this or not?

When I was a teenager I struggled with acne, and was at the point where I would have tried anything. It wouldn't have bothered me to use something like this, as long as I knew ahead of time.

My dog will always lick her wounds and my vet told me this can promote healing. I don't see why it wouldn't work on human acne too.

Post 1

I find it so interesting that canine saliva may actually help clear up acne. Maybe someone would be interested in renting out my dog since she loves to lick faces.

This is one way she loves to show affection, and who knew it could actually be keeping my face acne free all these years!

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