What Are the Different Types of Spy Listening Devices?

In addition to phone bugs, spy listening devices may include tiny microphones and other sound magnifying tools.
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Spy listening devices include phone bugs, tiny microphones, and sound magnifying devices. Tiny listening devices can be hidden and can pick up sound when people speak near them. Investigators can place a sound magnifier a distance away from the sound — but still within the line of sight — and still hear what is being said. Wall microphones can be placed against the wall so that a person can hear conversations in the next room.

Phone bugs are popular listening devices, and they are often seen in the movies. Traditionally, they were placed in land-line phones, but cell phones also can be bugged. These devices allow spies to hear conversations made through the phone, and some can also serve double-duty as a way to monitor a person's whereabouts.

Tiny spy microphones can be placed on lapels or hidden in other areas of clothing to pick up sounds at close range. Pens with covert recording devices are also used, and recorders can also be placed in fire alarms or clocks, which appear to be ordinary objects. They typically are placed in areas where the target will likely approach, and some of these listening devices do not begin recording until they pick up sound.


Spies and detectives can use a sound magnifying device to hear conversations as far as 300 feet (91.44 m) away. These large devices are used for long distance hearing. Hunters also use the sound magnifiers to find out when animals are near. Some have recording devices and equalizers to adjust sound levels. Many are battery-operated for use in remote areas, and they are prime tools for listening when a detective cannot risk a close encounter with the target.

Wall microphones allow people to hear conversations in through walls, and some models can even detect sounds through steel. To use the wall microphones, spies place the equipment on a flat surface and listen. The volume can be adjusted to amplify quieter voices. Wall microphones can be used to hear what is going on in closed meetings and can be used to hear through ceilings or floors as well as walls.

Spy listening devices are sold online as well as some specialty shops. Customers often include law enforcement officials, who use listening devices to help catch criminals, and hunters, who can use outdoor models to locate and hunt animals. Husbands, wives, or people who are in relationships also might use them if they suspect that their partner is cheating in the relationship or is engaging in some other type of questionable or risky activity, such as problem gambling or substance abuse. Many places have laws that restrict the use of listening devices, so shoppers should be careful to learn the local laws before using type.


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Post 4

Unfortunately, the only person you can count on is yourself in this world. There are all types of covert programs and methods being used by evil people. You can use a Trifield EMF Meter to detect transmissions in your home to do your own surveillance. I would say use any means possible since it is to protect a child. With her consent she can use a recording device as simple as an android app on her phone, Failure to do something in those circumstances is not an option. If he is skilled in mind control, he is probably highly connected so the authorities often will not help you.

This is a crazy world and you must fight for your own protection by any means necessary. The internet currently has all the information you might need to inform and protect yourself. Anyone using hypnosis or mind programming should be considered extremely dangerous. It's very hard to find someone you can trust to help you because evil sticks together.

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I need help! My fiance's ex-wife is brainwashing his daughter and we can't prove it. I know anything overheard using a device like this is not able to be used in any court system. We are just worried and want to know what exactly she says to her. What can I use? Or do? I have no access to her personal devices whatsoever. My only hope would be something along the lines of bluetooth, but I don't know if I could get close enough to get a signal. Help!

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What kind of spyware enables one to have voice activated spying going on, where one can hear and be heard?

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Who can I receive help from if someone is spying on me with special technological equipment?

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