What Does a Fashion Consultant Do?

Fashion consultants select clothes styles that will enhance the image of their client.
Fashion consulting is a service related to buying and coordinating outfits.
Fashion consultants can offer services such as closet organization.
Fashion consultants may suggest flattering styles for clients.
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A fashion consultant is a personal image consultant who specializes in wardrobe and makeup improvement. These professionals typically help clients make clothing style choices appropriate to a variety of social situations, including personal and business settings. They often also offer related services, such as closet organization, color and style advice, and shopping tips.

These consultants typically offer expertise on more than just clothing — they often help clients to choose flattering hair styles, makeup, jewelry, facial hair grooming, and eyewear choices as well. Some may also emphasize a comprehensive fashion design, or overall style, for their clients. They may try to enhance a client’s self-esteem by helping him or her feel both comfortable and confident in his or her new wardrobe.

Many fashion consultants suggest color choices in their clients’ fashion selections. They may help a client to determine a color palette that is attractive with his or her skin tone and personal tastes. Choosing clothing based on color psychology can also help a client make a good impression through clothing. For example, blue symbolizes loyalty to some people, so a consultant will often suggest that clients wear blue for a job interview.


Part of this job also may involve helping clients enhance their professional image. Consultants may work one-on-one with clients or lead group seminars. Individuals who are searching for a job may use the services of a fashion consultant to help them dress properly for an interview. If an employer is concerned that employees are dressing too casually for work, it may hire a consultant to educate the employees on proper professional dress.

Often, people hire these consultants to help manage or update their personal wardrobe. One may help organize closets by discarding worn or outdated clothing or supplement an existing wardrobe with new clothes. The client may need timeless, basic apparel to be mixed and matched or trendy accessories to update his or her style.

Many fashion consultants help clients shop for new clothing. The consultant may set ground rules for the client to follow, accompany the client to stores, or shop for the client separately. When shopping separately, he or she may act as a personal shopper and purchase new clothes, accessories, and makeup for his or her client over the long term.

A professional consultant may also help clients find their own personal style. Many people want their appearance to reflect specific tastes, preferences, and personality, and a consultant can guide them in this process. He or she may also help a client create a personal image that reflects the tastes, preferences, and personality of his or her business.


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Fashion consultants always give their own ideas, but according to the client's preferences.

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sunflower34- There is not one specific major that you should pick in order to become a fashion consultant. You can pick from a variety of majors.

Some colleges will have a fashion merchandising major. This is a good major if you want to become a fashion consultant. Other majors you can choose from include interior design, business, home economics and art.

Above all, choose a major that interests you. Don't just major in fashion merchandising because it sounds the best. If you don't enjoy the classes, it will be hard for you to graduate. Pick a program that interests you and tailor your class schedule to focus on fashion.

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What should I study in college if I want to become a fashion consultant?

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This article was good help on exploring information on becoming a fashion consultant.

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