What Does a Site Supervisor Do?

Site supervisors must communicate with managers.
Site supervisors are charged with overseeing staff and operations of a particular business.
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Site supervisors are found in a range of industries, from manufacturing to property management. They responsible for managing staff members, ensuring that procedures are followed, setting performance targets and communicating with managers. The primary responsibilities of a supervisor are to make sure that work is completed on the site, to ensure compliance with company procedures and to create performance metrics.

Managing staff members is an important part of being a site supervisor. He or she is responsible for making hiring decisions, disciplining and mentoring staff members and providing training. The skills required include communication and problem solving. Many people find this aspect of a supervisor's job difficult to handle at first, but there are a range of short courses and certificates that provide training on managing staff to assist with this transition.

The supervisor needs to be familiar with the company's internal processes and procedures. He or she often is required to train staff members or adjust internal processes to meet government or safety requirements. Most people gain this level of expertise through work experience in the firm. Upon promotion to the role, he or she can recommend changes to the business process that will improve efficiency.


Performance targets are found in almost all industries. The site supervisor communicates the targets to staff members and works with the team to meet and exceed those goals. This can often be done by making changes to business processes and by motivating staff members. One way this can be achieved is through a combination of positive reinforcement and the setting of a clear focus. The supervisor can encourage staff members to exceed their previous performance output by working as a team.

It is the responsibility of this individual to meet with managers on a regular basis. He or she communicates positive and negative information to managers and, in turn, shares information with the team. This information could include things such as strategic plans, long-term goals and concerns. The efficiency of this communication has an impact on staff morale and overall dedication to the firm.

The position of site supervisor is not an entry-level job, and most firms expect candidates to have some post-secondary education. This training can be in a specific technical skill or in business administration. Candidates usually have five to seven years of working experience and at least one year of supervising experience, which can be obtained either through professional work or as a volunteer.


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Post 4

@Gravios - Having experience working different kinds of construction jobs is definitely a benefit. Knowing how and why the work you are supervising is being done helps in lots of different areas.

But you need to have skills beyond this. Site supervisors monitor budgets, handle logistical issues like shipping and receiving materials, and ensure that the project is being done according to specifications. They also serve as liaisons between clients and contractors. There really is a lot of duties. Gather as many skill as you can and good luck!

Post 3

Thanks guys for talking about the people skills. But I was hoping that you could tell me more about a site supervisor duties. I have some experience working in the trades, would this qualify me as a site supervisor?

Post 2

@badjohnson - I have done some site supervising and I wish they put people skills in the job description. That really is the most important feature of a good supervisor. It takes a lot of work to manage a site, but the most important job is to keep everyone working on task, on schedule and in as good a mood as the situation allows. As I'm sure you're aware, this is easier said than done.

Post 1

As a construction site supervisor I have to be a people person, it’s all about knowing the people I work with, recognizing their capabilities, and delegating responsibilities to the person or persons who are best suited to the tasks. While all the education and job experience is certainly necessary, it really comes down to understanding people. But I guess that could be said about most any career.

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