What is a Hotelier?

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A hotelier is a person who oversees or manages a hotel. He or she may be the owner of the establishment, the chairperson of the board that operates the hotel, the chief executive of a hotel location or chain, or the general manager of the hotel.

Depending on how the term is applied, the responsibilities of a hotelier will vary. One who owns a hotel will be responsible for taking care of all matters common to the ownership of real estate, as well as carrying ultimate liability for any and all taxes and proper compliance with building codes and local laws regarding the operation of the hotel. The chief executive that carries the title of hotelier will oversee much of the promotional and general business aspects of the operation, as well as be accountable to the owner or owners for the profitability of the facility. The hotelier who is also chairperson of the board will provide a line of communication to investors and owners on the current status of the hotel, while the hotel manager will provide supervision of a wide variety of functions that impact the day to day operation of the hotel.

In the case of hotel chains, the hotelier will often utilize a staff of managers and supervisors that oversee specific functions that relate to the operation of the business. Such important responsibilities as public relations, hotel services, maintenance of accommodations, reservation procedures, and marketing will be assigned to a staff of managers. Each of these managers report to him or her on a recurring basis, providing an ongoing status of their particular areas of responsibility.

Hoteliers of every type are essential to the proper operation and maintenance of hotels and hotel chains. From owners to hotel managers, they are concerned with making sure all the guests are happy with the accommodations, will be sure to return the next time they travel to the area, and can be counted upon to provide excellent word of mouth to acquaintances who are seeking accommodations.


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